Can this Marriage survive Nanowrimo

Unless you are new to this writing gig or have been hiding under a roc, you have heard about NaNoWrMo..  It is the month that you put your inner editor in the closet, of if you’re like me, you killed him.  Strictly on pape,r not for real. More on that later.

We are a two writer family and we both decided to do Nanowrimo this year  Thats 30 days of writing as much as you can every day the goal being to do 50 thousand words in one month.This should be interesting.  I have lots of chocolate and coffee on hand This year  we celebrated out 30th anniversary.  Can a love that strong survive NanoWrimo.  I think so but stay tuned.

now about that inner editor.. One of the exercise we did at our RWA chapter in preperation for Nano was  to write a few lines about how we killed out inner editor.  This is not an exact copy, I’m doing it from memory. To azy to go find it.  Here it is..

The man came into the room where I was working, i did my best to ignore him. I was writing and nothing would stop me.

“You have to many comma’s, and you misspelled a few words there.” He said

I  sighed and stood turning away from my desk. “I told you do not bother me.  I don’t need you right now.”

He shook his head,, was that pity in his eyes? “You know I’ll maie it a better book.”

I walked over and poked his chest with my inger

I. Do. Not. Need. You. Go. Away.  with each word I backed him further back until he stood against the wall,

The man had the audacity to smile at me.  “You do, you know you do.”

I reached up to the bookcase next to him, took down one of the knifes from my collection and stabbed him where I thought his heart would be. He slid to the floor dead.  I opened the closet door and dragged him in there. I’d get rid of the body later

After Nanowrimo.


I have a little secret

And I’m sure I am not the only one. It’s a habit I’ve had since I was a teenager. Something only another person who indulges can understand.
What is that secret?

I have been known to read the end of a book first.
I can hear the gnashing of teeth now, How can you? You ruin the story that way.Why even bother reading the book then

Hear me out.

I read the last few pages to make sure the story ends the way I want it to end.
Yes in romances I know it will end happily ever after. Most of those are the ones I do not usually read the end first. Unless i am unsure who the heroine will end up with in the end.
Mysteries, I read the end to find out who did it.
It doesn’t ruin the book for me, not at all.
If anything it helps me with my reading. My reading time, like most writers has been cut down. Usually by deadlines.
However i have discovered one thing, The best writers, the ones I come back to time and again are the ones who keep me reading. Even when I know how it ends.

The writing is so good, the characterization , the story draws me in and makes me care, and I keep on reading.

I just hope I can do the same with my own writing…

Wednesday words

With the Olympics opening on Friday I looked for a quote that would apply not only to athletes but to writers as well. Hope you agree.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.  ~Richard Steele, Tatler, 1710


This weekend is the Fourth Annual Tucson Festival of Books. A weekend of fun for all ages. Food,books.panels and workshops on all genres. Speakers include Iris and Roy Johansen, Brenda Novak, Rachel Gibson,Karen Hawkins and others. Members of local Romance, Mystery and Sci Fi writers groups will be there as well. Held on the mall at the University of Arizona. To find more go to There you will find a listing of authors, speakers, everything you need to make your way around the festivities. The weather is supposed to be good so grab the sunscreen, grab your kids and/or some friends and head on over for a great time. And its FREE.

Man Down

I keep the TV on during the day while I write. Mostly to keep some noise going on.  I need noise to work. Comes from growing up in a large family.  There was a story about how women are much better than men at doing most things. A book had been written to prove this theory

The title of the book is Man Down-Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women are Better Cops,Drivers, Gamblers… and just about everything else and the author is Dan Abrams. He is legal analyst for NBC News, yes a lawyer and the book is laid out like a legal argument.  I was interested enough to reserve the book at the library.

Each chapter is an argument on one item we do better than men. It’s complete with scientific data to prove the theory. The chapters run the gambit from being able to handle failed relationships better to being better at gathering mushrooms in a remote part of Mexico.

At 144 pages it is an easy read  In his closing argument he states “I think this is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that women, as a group, are the superior gender.”

DUH! Most of my friends could have told you that. However the information in the book is certainly fascinating and will give you ammunition for the next argument you have with the Man/Men in your life.

Notice- I borrowed this book from my local library for pleasure only. I had no intenion of reviewing it at the time. However after reading it I wanted to share.I received no payment of any kind for posting this review.

I didn’t faint!

Last Saturday was the last of my RWA Chapter’s Amore and More Workshops. The title of the panel was Romance Something For Everyone. I talked about how everything I have read over the years has influenced what I write. Be it romantic suspense or mystery with romantic elements.

I was a wreck before hand.
Yes, those of you who think you know me well can stop laughing please. Most of the time I have no problems talking, especially about my books and my writing. However I was nervous with this one.
So how did I overcome this.
Something my husband taught me something he speaks of on his FB page PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR SHY WRITERS.

First I made a list of what could go wrong
and what could go right.
1Both speakers could not show up and leave me alone.
That would not happen, my chapter members would step right in and I knew it. As it turned out one of the speakers did get sick. However, the author who was coordinating stepped right up and read her speech.

2- I could forget my notes.
Well, that has happened before and I survived. I sat down and recreated them and the speech that time came out even better.

3- I could forget the books I was going to use as examples.
If it did, they were on my keeper shelf and I knew the title and authors by heart so I could still give them as example.

4- I wouldn’t be able to answer any questions asked of me.
So? Enough people will be there that someone knows the answer and if they don’t you can research it and get back to that person.

5- I lose my voice, or faint.
Now, I was getting just plain silly I’ve never lost my voice and I’ve never fainted in my entire life..

The other thing I did was a visualization. Starting a few days before I started visualizing the panel. Where I would sit, talking to the other panelists, giving my talk. By the time of the workshop I won’t say I wasn’t nervous. I was NOT AS nervous. For me that’s a start.

Now next month I’m speaking at the Tucson Festival of Books. I’m speaking July 13th at 4pm on a panel with Susan Wiggs and Bette McNichols. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My Blue Heaven

Back in May of 2003 my husband and I packed our belongings and moved cross-country to what we have come to consider God’s County. Tucson Arizona.  No snow, sun, minimal rain, no snow, warmth, friendly people, less expensive to live, no snow.  If you haven’t guessed I am not a snow person.

Tucson has lived up to our expectations, no it is not perfect, perfection is boring. We have watched the news with talks of  violence and problems everywhere else, secure in the knowledge that yes we had crime in Tucson but it didn’t affect us, Mostly. Then came January 9, 2011- a bright sunny glorious Tucson Saturday. Families were running around, soccer games to be played, dance and.or karate class and on the NW side of town our congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s was holding one of her “congress on the corners” meeting her constituents at a local Safeway. To talk, to listen, to shake hands, to let them know she is on their side.  It was one of her favorite things to do.

Then a shooter came up to the gathering and when it was all done, far to many people were injured, including Ms Gifford’s who was shot in the head. Far to many people were killed, including a young girl just elected to student council wanting to see politics in action. Also, an elderly couple, the wife had been shot several times in the leg – Her husband killed as he shielded her body with his.

Political rhetoric has been thrown back and forth since this happened however this is not about politics this is about a brave woman struggling to stay alive, it’s about the grandfather who will not be around to see his grandchildren, the wife who has to live on without her best friend and it’s about the tragic, all to short life of a budding politician. Born the morning of one tragedy only to end her life at another.

However in all the pain there is hope, in the faces of those at the candlelit vigils being held all over town, in the faces of the doctors with thier almost daily briefings and in listening to the heroes who helped that day I know that one day Tucson will heal.  One day it will once again become my blue heaven, until then I pray, for the victims and thier families and thier  friends and for the citizens who will heal, eventually.