RIP Susi Baldwin. A victim of the health care crisis

Readers here have heard both Michael and me talk about our friend Susi.

Susi is a good example of what is wrong about health care in this country. At least in my opinion.
Susi was unemployed, had some savings but not enough to pay the prohibitive cost of health insurance. So she didn’t go to the doctors for annual check ups, even though she was not exactly feeling right.

This year she became eligible for social security and Medicare. So finally she was able to go to the doctor. We knew something was up; every time we talked to her she always managed to turn the conversation back to us and our writing career. A few months back we found out why.

The cancer that she thought she had fought to a victory had returned, with a vengeance.
This time it was not only her breast but her brain and her spine. We found out when she ended up in the hospital and her friend contacted us. Since then she has been keeping us updated on Susi’s condition.

This morning Michael signed into his computer to find a note saying Susi had passed away yesterday afternoon. She was 65.

Rest in Peace Susi, you are no longer in pain; know that we will never forget you.
Yes, this still could have happened if she had health insurance but maybe , just maybe it would have been caught in time for her to live even a little bit longer. Because of that I can’t help thinking she was one of the many casualties of our current health care crisis.