New Years Eve

New Years Eve. I’m sitting here with my husband watching CNN. Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin are fun. I am very happy right were I am. As far as I am concerned there is NOTHING worth standing in freezing cold with thousands of strangers. I can watch the ball drop while nice and warm in the house.

I gave up resolutions a long time ago. I never kept them anyway. I make goals. Last year one of my goals was to not fall, For those of you who don’t know I was diagnosed with a non cancerous tumor in my left ear. It has been destroyed with radiation but left me with total hearing loss in my left ear and balance issues.

My last fall was in November 2013 and I broke yet another pair of glasses. I decided to wear dollar store glasses until I had gone one year without a fall. Replacing eye glasses twice in one year is expensive. Even with insurance

So my first goal this year is to get new glasses. Then I can deal with my writing goals.. Somewhere in between I’ll get the house clean…maybe. 🙂


What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I’ve seen this quote around for a while, in fact I have it on my Pinterest board.  I tend to collect quotes that speak to me for one reason or another.

This reminds me that it can be good to step out of your comfort zone, occassionally. My first publisher asked me to participate in a project.  It was a paranormal project about the descendents of witched and each book was to be based on a movie musicals. Since she had just bought another book of mine, I felt I at least owed her to consider the project.

When I looked at the bible, all my favorite musicals had been snapped up by other authors.  Then I saw The Music Man  and the premise read, a wizard comes to a small town and sells magic mirrors, or are they?  I immediately saw in my mind a man standing outside a mirror and one inside. That became The Man in the Mirror.  I still wrote romantic suspense but then ghosts started infiltrating them. It was definitly out of my comfort zone but I had learned when something keeps coming to you, the universe is trying to tell you something.

So now I now have two cozy series with ghosts or dead entities.  The Pink Lady has a couple who were killed and now haunt a house ala  “Topper”. ( If you’re to young to remember that movie, check out IMDB.)

The second one Dead Men Do tell Tales is set in a funeral home where one of the morticians can talk to dead people. Both series are fun to write and I’ve gotten positive feedback on them both.

I’ve also started another mystery that looks to be a cozy, without ghosts, at least so far.

You lost something? Try moving.

I speak the truth. We are moving in a few weeks, not far just to another apartment in this complex. As I begin packing I am amazed at the number of things I have been looking for suddenly pop up. As many times as I’ve moved you would think I’d be used to it. However this particular phenomena never ceases to amaze me.

The screwdriver I need, the one that only opens one of my clocks.  It showed up today. A bag full of stuff I had for a book signing a few years back.  a forgotten cross stitch project. Who knows what else will pop up?

Some jewelry, that book I’ve been searching for? Maybe even a forgotten purse or wallet with some money in it? One can only hope. Lets hope I don’t lose that screwdriver before I get some batteries for the clock.

Stay tuned.


I have a little secret

And I’m sure I am not the only one. It’s a habit I’ve had since I was a teenager. Something only another person who indulges can understand.
What is that secret?

I have been known to read the end of a book first.
I can hear the gnashing of teeth now, How can you? You ruin the story that way.Why even bother reading the book then

Hear me out.

I read the last few pages to make sure the story ends the way I want it to end.
Yes in romances I know it will end happily ever after. Most of those are the ones I do not usually read the end first. Unless i am unsure who the heroine will end up with in the end.
Mysteries, I read the end to find out who did it.
It doesn’t ruin the book for me, not at all.
If anything it helps me with my reading. My reading time, like most writers has been cut down. Usually by deadlines.
However i have discovered one thing, The best writers, the ones I come back to time and again are the ones who keep me reading. Even when I know how it ends.

The writing is so good, the characterization , the story draws me in and makes me care, and I keep on reading.

I just hope I can do the same with my own writing…

New Book-DeadMen Do Tell Tales

DeadMenDoTellTalesFINAL200x300_150DPIDEAD MEN DO TELL TALES  written by my evil twin Elaine Joyce is now  available on Smashwords, Amazon,com and Barnes and Noble

Here’s my blurb.
Mona Da Vinci. director of Da Vinci Funeral Home was looking forward to a quiet summer The biggest problem she expected to deal with was which shade of lipstick to use on a corpse. The last thing she expected was to deal with missing employee,murder,money,and drugs. And why does her handsome new employee keep saying he can talk to dead people. No one can do that, or can they?

Here’s a short excerpt I hope you enjoy it enough to want to read more.


Ok, what do you want to ask me?” Luke reached over to grab a cookie off the plate. “These are from the Bake Shop.” It was a statement not a question.

“Of course.”  My culinary expertise or lack thereof was a sore point, at least with me. I could cook enough so Tomas and I would not starve. Baking however was beyond my meager talents.

“So, what’s the problem? Your son getting into trouble with the baseball team?”

“I wish it was that simple,” I grabbed a cookie, “You may hear about it tomorrow. It’s Penny’s Dad, Sam Broward.”

“Isn’t he off on his camping trip? I ran into him at the hardware store last week. He said he had to replace his tackle box.”

“That’s just it. His buddy called and he hasn’t arrived yet.”

“So, maybe he decided to stop somewhere.”

“He was supposed to have left three days ago. Come on, you know Sam. Would he change plans and not let someone know?”

“Why are you telling me this? Penny should come in and file a missing persons report.”

“That’s what I told her but she wanted to wait and call the campsite in the morning. she’s hoping he will have arrived by then.”

“There’s nothing I can do, until a missing persons report is filed. You know that.”

Taking a deep breath, I finally voiced what I had been afraid to say, “Do you think something happened to him?”

“Mona Lisa. Do you want me to tell you the truth, or do you want me to lie?”

He always made me smile when he used my old nickname. He was the only one who still called me that. I looked at him over my coffee cup. “What do you think?”

“Most people Sam’s age are pretty set in their ways. It’s rare that they change their routine even a little.  But it does happen. “

“You know Sam. Would he change his plans, even a little and not tell anyone?”

He shook his head, “Probably not.”

Good at least he didn’t think I was totally crazy. “So, what are we going to do?”

“We are doing nothing. I’m the professional here.  I’ll check and see if they’ve been any John Does reported in the past few days. When you see Penny in the morning, tell her to come in and file a report.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No. Leave this to the professionals.”

I just hoped I wouldn’t be called on in a professional capacity when they finally found Sam.

It really is a dry heat.

heatToday’s High Temp is supposed to be 105. Welcome to summer in Tucson, where triple digits are the norm rather than the exception. And yes, it really is a dry heat. This is a godsend for those of use with arthritis. However it is still hot, so be careful.
So, to all my friends back east, how have a survived living here for the past ten years?
Sun screen is my friend, with my lovely Irish complexion it’s a must. Sunglasses, good ones to protect your eyes. We were here a year and I went to get new glasses. I decided to get transition lenses, the ones that go from light to dark and back again. Made sense to me, after all I was now living in a place that was sunny most of the time. I discovered that they did not protect my baby blues no matter how dark they were I still needed extra protection. So now I get sunglasses that will protect my eyes, and a wide brimmed hat to protect my hair.
You learn to adjust your schedule, just as I did back east during winter. Once it gets close to triple digits, I do my walking at seven in the morning. Do any shopping , laundry, anything that requires me to be outside gets done by noon. Then I hibernate in the cool house with plenty of Iced Tea and Diet Dr. Pepper. And I write. Unless there is ball game on TV, but that’s for a different post.

Graduation day

CAM00001At least that’s what I was told today was when I went in for my five and final radiation treatment.

I do not have cancer, I have what is called a schwanoma or an auditory neuroma. A small benign tumor in the ear canal that has damaged both my ear and my balance.

Every day this week I reported for 45-60 minutes of intense radiation therapy. The goal is to possibly shrink said neuroma but to definitely stop it from growing further and causing even more problems. I won’t know how well it worked for a few months yet.

This picture is the mask I mentioned in an earlier post. it was made specifically for my face. When they offered it to me at the end of the treatment I jumped at it.

I was told one man painted it with a real face. Not sure I want to do that.  I’m thinking glitter and ribbons, maybe mardi gras colors.  Maybe paint the mask purple. HMM,

What to you think?  I’ll take any and all suggestions I know it will be a while until I get it done. If you come up with an idea, I’m willing to listen. The finished product is going up on my wall.