Can this Marriage survive Nanowrimo

Unless you are new to this writing gig or have been hiding under a roc, you have heard about NaNoWrMo..  It is the month that you put your inner editor in the closet, of if you’re like me, you killed him.  Strictly on pape,r not for real. More on that later.

We are a two writer family and we both decided to do Nanowrimo this year  Thats 30 days of writing as much as you can every day the goal being to do 50 thousand words in one month.This should be interesting.  I have lots of chocolate and coffee on hand This year  we celebrated out 30th anniversary.  Can a love that strong survive NanoWrimo.  I think so but stay tuned.

now about that inner editor.. One of the exercise we did at our RWA chapter in preperation for Nano was  to write a few lines about how we killed out inner editor.  This is not an exact copy, I’m doing it from memory. To azy to go find it.  Here it is..

The man came into the room where I was working, i did my best to ignore him. I was writing and nothing would stop me.

“You have to many comma’s, and you misspelled a few words there.” He said

I  sighed and stood turning away from my desk. “I told you do not bother me.  I don’t need you right now.”

He shook his head,, was that pity in his eyes? “You know I’ll maie it a better book.”

I walked over and poked his chest with my inger

I. Do. Not. Need. You. Go. Away.  with each word I backed him further back until he stood against the wall,

The man had the audacity to smile at me.  “You do, you know you do.”

I reached up to the bookcase next to him, took down one of the knifes from my collection and stabbed him where I thought his heart would be. He slid to the floor dead.  I opened the closet door and dragged him in there. I’d get rid of the body later

After Nanowrimo.


Love, Bake, Write -Scavengers wanted

For those of you who like dealing with spooky, why not join us and do something kooky. From October 6th through the 23rd, over 30 authors are hosting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  Participants visit each site to find a Halloween graphic.  The more sites you visit, the more chances to win. There are over 60 prizes, multiple winners each day. On October 6th, visit Sloan McBride’s blog Sloan McBride where you get all the information, including links to the authors’ pages, and a link to a sheet to type all the answers. It should be wicked fun!  See you there.

You can purchase a copy of Love, Bake Write  on Amazon

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