What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I’ve seen this quote around for a while, in fact I have it on my Pinterest board.  I tend to collect quotes that speak to me for one reason or another.

This reminds me that it can be good to step out of your comfort zone, occassionally. My first publisher asked me to participate in a project.  It was a paranormal project about the descendents of witched and each book was to be based on a movie musicals. Since she had just bought another book of mine, I felt I at least owed her to consider the project.

When I looked at the bible, all my favorite musicals had been snapped up by other authors.  Then I saw The Music Man  and the premise read, a wizard comes to a small town and sells magic mirrors, or are they?  I immediately saw in my mind a man standing outside a mirror and one inside. That became The Man in the Mirror.  I still wrote romantic suspense but then ghosts started infiltrating them. It was definitly out of my comfort zone but I had learned when something keeps coming to you, the universe is trying to tell you something.

So now I now have two cozy series with ghosts or dead entities.  The Pink Lady has a couple who were killed and now haunt a house ala  “Topper”. ( If you’re to young to remember that movie, check out IMDB.)

The second one Dead Men Do tell Tales is set in a funeral home where one of the morticians can talk to dead people. Both series are fun to write and I’ve gotten positive feedback on them both.

I’ve also started another mystery that looks to be a cozy, without ghosts, at least so far.


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