A little respect and common sense please?

I’ve got to vent about something I ‘ve been seeing lately that really has been pushing my buttons. All of the wrong ones.Today was just the final straw,
Everyone has seen them. The people who park in handicapped spaces, the people who use handicapped stalls in the ladies room when they don’t need to, I will admit to guilt on that count a few times over the years.
Since my last fall I’ve been walking with a quad cane which has a 4 pronged tip on the bottom. Much more stable. I also have my broken left arm in a sling.
On this trip I was in the ladies room at the airport. This young woman walked in ahead of me went straight to the handicapped stall. She looked at me and ignored me. Leaving me to use a regular stall which barely had room for me and my cane.
Today I was in a famous chain store and had to use the ladies room. Again a woman, a young woman walked right in front of me turned and looked directly at me and walk in the handicapped stall With a normal stall open right next to it.
Am I being unrealistic? Maybe. Do I want the handicapped stall treated like the parking spaces? Fining people who abuse them? No, Handicapped is not always a visible thing.
What I would like is for people to be considerate, and helpful. Just because someone is not in a wheelchair does not mean they are not handicapped.

Ok now I will get off my post with some good news. We have already combined our websites into one. http://www.chartonscorner .com
We will be doing the same with our blogs. Any blogs by either Michael or myself will be found at iamanauthorimustauth.wordpress.com This will be effective January 2014. Stay tuned. I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey day. I got to spend it with some of my favorite people so /i was happy.


2 thoughts on “A little respect and common sense please?

  1. Irene says:

    As one who uses the handicapped stall, I agree. However, when a young woman with a toddler and babe in arms leaves the stall, I understand. My question is…why are these stalls sometimes the very last ones in the row (like on the Jersey Parkway) so you have to walk the line to get to it? Being handicapped in any way is a royal pain.

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