Mama Wants a Birthday Present

Mama wants a Birthday Present, 

I’ve been a Red Sox Fan since I went to my first game in high school. I’ve cheered and cried with each up and down over the years. However, 2004 more than made up for it. I was glad my Dad lived to see it. His Uncle Bob used to drive down from Maine twice a year to see a game and at least one had to be against the Yankees. Uncle Bob didn’t get to see the curse broken. I was sure though, he was smiling from the other side, along with all the other fans.

In 2004 I turned fifty as did another friend of mine who is also a Red Sox fan. I was home, alone as my husband had to work. I was scaring my cats with all my screaming. After the last out was called and it sunk in that THE CURSE HAD BEEN BROKEN ! My phone rang and I didn’t even have to look at the caller ID. My friend is only a few weeks older than me. I picked it up and said in way of a greeting, “takes the sting out of turning fifty doesn’t it?”

 I just finished watching game five. My throat is sore from screaming but I have a day to recover before the next game. Game six, played in Fenway, it doesn’t get better. My birthday is not for another week but,  Mama needs a birthday present and I couldn’t think of a better one. 



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