Moving Part 2

 Saturday was the day. The movers were amazing. They had everything moved in the time they said they would and nothing was broken. The cats survived, even if Yerbie needs me in eye sight whenever I am in the house.

Now comes the fun part, figuring out where everything goes, or where I want it to go. As always there are mix ups. Like finding out I can not put one book case where I want it. It makes a perfect jumping point  for Pandora to get onto the top of the wall unit..I have two vases of silk flowers and various knickknacks that I put up there so they cats will NOT get at them. The more valuable stuff, things given me by family members, stay in the cabinet side with a glass door.  I still have to put up al the pictures and such. Slowly it’s starting to feel like home. Just messier. 

But that will be done in time. I have until September 1st. My RWA chapter is doing a writing challange then and I figure it will be a good jumpstart for me.

One of the side effects of the move. I caught a summer cold. Actually I should say my husband caught it and decided to share it with me. 🙂 This to shall pass, my house will be unpacked and I will no longer have a cold…one day



You lost something? Try moving.

I speak the truth. We are moving in a few weeks, not far just to another apartment in this complex. As I begin packing I am amazed at the number of things I have been looking for suddenly pop up. As many times as I’ve moved you would think I’d be used to it. However this particular phenomena never ceases to amaze me.

The screwdriver I need, the one that only opens one of my clocks.  It showed up today. A bag full of stuff I had for a book signing a few years back.  a forgotten cross stitch project. Who knows what else will pop up?

Some jewelry, that book I’ve been searching for? Maybe even a forgotten purse or wallet with some money in it? One can only hope. Lets hope I don’t lose that screwdriver before I get some batteries for the clock.

Stay tuned.