Fathers Day

Spending the day with thought of my Dad. He wasn’t perfect, none of us are, but he was my Dad and he was good at that.
I remember him taking us out on Sundays so mom could have a few hours to herself.
Trying to keep live as normal as possible, even when my mom was dying from cancer.
Letting me make my own mistakes, and learning from them.
Two memories stand out though.
My wedding day, before we left for the ceremony he told me, I looked just like my mother.”
Years later, a friend was living with us and we came home to find him dead, he’d had a heart attack. After all was said and done I picked up the phone and even though it was about 10 o clock on the east coast ,I called my dad. When I told him what happened he asked if I was ok. I said yes but I needed to talk to my dad.”
I knew when I did things would be better. I could handle anything as long as he was around. And he always was there.

Unfortunately about 2 years ago we lost both him and my father in law within 6 months of each other. I like to picture them on the other side. Sitting there with a bottle of single malt and two glasses. Drinking and telling stories while checking up on us.
I like to think they like what they see. Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers!


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