It really is a dry heat.

heatToday’s High Temp is supposed to be 105. Welcome to summer in Tucson, where triple digits are the norm rather than the exception. And yes, it really is a dry heat. This is a godsend for those of use with arthritis. However it is still hot, so be careful.
So, to all my friends back east, how have a survived living here for the past ten years?
Sun screen is my friend, with my lovely Irish complexion it’s a must. Sunglasses, good ones to protect your eyes. We were here a year and I went to get new glasses. I decided to get transition lenses, the ones that go from light to dark and back again. Made sense to me, after all I was now living in a place that was sunny most of the time. I discovered that they did not protect my baby blues no matter how dark they were I still needed extra protection. So now I get sunglasses that will protect my eyes, and a wide brimmed hat to protect my hair.
You learn to adjust your schedule, just as I did back east during winter. Once it gets close to triple digits, I do my walking at seven in the morning. Do any shopping , laundry, anything that requires me to be outside gets done by noon. Then I hibernate in the cool house with plenty of Iced Tea and Diet Dr. Pepper. And I write. Unless there is ball game on TV, but that’s for a different post.


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