Graduation day

CAM00001At least that’s what I was told today was when I went in for my five and final radiation treatment.

I do not have cancer, I have what is called a schwanoma or an auditory neuroma. A small benign tumor in the ear canal that has damaged both my ear and my balance.

Every day this week I reported for 45-60 minutes of intense radiation therapy. The goal is to possibly shrink said neuroma but to definitely stop it from growing further and causing even more problems. I won’t know how well it worked for a few months yet.

This picture is the mask I mentioned in an earlier post. it was made specifically for my face. When they offered it to me at the end of the treatment I jumped at it.

I was told one man painted it with a real face. Not sure I want to do that.  I’m thinking glitter and ribbons, maybe mardi gras colors.  Maybe paint the mask purple. HMM,

What to you think?  I’ll take any and all suggestions I know it will be a while until I get it done. If you come up with an idea, I’m willing to listen. The finished product is going up on my wall.





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