Things to think about while having radiation therapy

First off, let me assure people, I do not have cancer. What I have is called a schwanoma or auditory neuroma. It’s in my left ear and sits right between my hearing nerve and my balance nerve. It’s when the covering of the nerve basically grows over itself.  Mine was not big enough to need surgery, which is a good thing. Surgery almost guarantees you will lose all the hearing in the affected ear. it’s slow growing so we are able to take care of it with radiation therapy.

So today I had my first treatment. Was I nervous, hell yes. But I’m a writer so in service to all writers who may find themselves in this situation(not many I hope, preferable none) I present how I dealt with it. As a writer.

I’ve written earlier about having the mask fitted to me so I won’t go into that. It took us three or four tries before we were able to start things. I was pushed, pulled, moved into what was decided to be the perfect position. Then they tried to lock a piece of machinery to the Mask, it wouldn’t. It was something that went across my shoulders and apparently the girls would not let it. It was decided to tape my chest.So for the third time I get off the table and the nurse and I go to the changing area and we get the dead done.  during all this I was constantly asking questions. However the taping just may have crossed the line. When we got to the room I announced to anyone who could hear. “I’m a writer and you do realize this is all going into a book someday?” They laughed and just told me to make sure I spelled their names right.

They assisted me to the table, properly positioned and the with the girls properly secured, everything locked as it should. I am laying on a table arms across my stomach holding something to prevent them from moving to much. my feet were secured with elastic around my ankles. They left the room,I closed my eyes and listened to the music playing in the room. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Good music for plotting revenge.

Now, what if a body was left in this contraption overnight?  Maybe a rain storm, this is Arizona I could set it in Monsoon season. That time of year when the dry washes surround the city flow once again, for a few days at least.  The power surge when it is turned back on is enough to cause a death.

Or maybe someone with claustrophobia is left in that thing. I don’t have claustrophobia but even I have to take something to relax me when I have to put the mask on for these treatments. The stress is enough that he has a heart attack.

Or maybe, someone is knifed and the body was left there to be found. A knife sticking out of his belly and the victim unknown until they are able to remove the mask. A mask that has been fused together.  Who committed the murder and why?

All three are good scenarios and I probably will use them in a book someday. I was not done yet. I had more time under the mask and so I thought of plot points that I needed fleshed out in my current WIP, That took up the rest of the time and soon the treatment was finished and I was let free to go home.

Hmm I have four more treatments this week. Maybe I can get this book plotted,





2 thoughts on “Things to think about while having radiation therapy

  1. Jane says:

    Sending you good wishes for a successful treatment and a good book plot. Thinking of you. Hope I get to see you soon. Jane

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