An interesting and educational afternoon.

 I had been having balance issues. (Yes my friends, I know I am off balance.)  I’ve had three falls in the past two plus years.  Two of those falls resulting in a fracture. I also noted my hearing was decreasing in my left ear and I had ringing in the ear. I was sent for several tests. and the doctor told me I had this rare condition called a schwannoma. The easiest way to describe it is when the lining of the nerve is growing on itself.  The problem is it is sharing space in my ear canal with the hearing nerve and the balance nerve.

Two things have been stuck in my mind since I received the diagnosis. First and foremost is ITS NON CANCEROUS. Giving the history of cancer with my family, this is important. The second was relief that finally I have an answer to my problems.

So it was decided to have radiation treatment to shrink it and it won’t totally remove it but it will sterilize it(my words not the doctors)  I’m also have physical therapy in the hopes of rewiring my brain to deal with the balance issues.

Today  I got to know what the man in the iron mask must have felt like.

When they do radiation therapy on any part of your head they need to keep it perfectly straight and steady. To do this they mold a mask to your face, It takes about 30 minutes and all I could think of is those machines, put out years ago by Mattel that you could mold toys out of plastic.  I can’t remember the name but it was out in the late 60’s.

They molded the material to my face and I had to sit there for 30 minutes. The longest I’ve been quiet that I was not asleep. I could feel the material molding to my face the same way I watched the plastic melt and mold into what toy I wanted. Only this was no toy.

After I go through my week of treatments, I will still have balance issue, I am learning how to work with them. The hearing loss is permanent but I can get a hearing aid for that.

There are people going through radiation treatments, such as I am who may not be as lucky. It helps me keep things in perspective.


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