Like everyone else I have been glued to my TV this week.  More interesting than the terrorists that inflicted this horror on my home town was the people themselves. The first responders, the people already volunteering in the medical tents and the everyday people who ran to the danger and not from. I would like to have seen more on them and less on the terrorists. No one knows yet if they were part of a group, even if they were not the term terrorists still applies.

I was mesmerized watching as they searched, a search that led them to a boat in a yard in Watertown. Something that might have been missed if one woman hadn’t noticed the blood stains leading to the boat in the back yard.

What I would like to say is thank you to the people of Boston. I’ve not lived there in more than 25 years however it is and will always be my hometown.  It is a place where no matter what your beliefs or politics,when help is needed and the people of Boston answered. They were told to stay home and they did. As did the people of Cambridge and Watertown  They stayed home so that the police and the military could do what they had to do to bring this scum to justice. The then took to the streets to celebrate Cries of BPD could be heard throughout the city.

One of them is dead and may he burn in hell forever. The second one was captured alive and hopefully they will be able to question him and find out if he had any backing and who were they.

Whatever happens, I hope the word gets out to terrorists everywhere. They tell you don’t Mess with Texas, Any future terrorists will learn that you  DON”T MESS WITH BOSTON!”

Photo: FACEBOOK STANDING OVATION FOR BOSTON, LOCAL, FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT! Everybody stand up and SHARE! ♥ Thanks from Boston! — at Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


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