My husband and I went to see this yesterday  afternoon.  Yes, Charton’s seeing a baseball movie, so what else is new?

This was more than  baseball movie. It was a commentary on the time and what Jackie Robinson had to endure because he was such a ground breaker. Oh yes, it has Harrison Ford doing a wonderful job as Branch Rickey.

My mother in law grew up 10 blocks from Ebbets Field. My father in law was a Brooklyn Dodger Fan and to the day he died he never forgave management for moving them to L.A.  I used to tease him and tell him he asked my mother in law out because she lived so close to the ball park. He just smiled and said, “Maybe.”

My husband grew up on stories of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the day they won the Pennant.  I heard the stories from his dad up until he passed away a year ago. However, I could feel him there with us yesterday.  I could see my husband out of the corner of my eye nodding during the movie. Usually when it was something his dad had told him.

Nothing seemed to be sugar coated. It was not pretty in parts, in fact there was times when I was actually ashamed of how people acted then.  However, that was all they knew. Until Jackie showed them dignity, and grace and that he was a hell of a ball player. And he did not have to lower himself to some people’s level to prove his point.

I would recommend this to anyone, even if you don’t necessarily watch baseball.  It is the story of a time in our history that should not be forgotten, or repeated.  It is a story of a true gentleman and athlete. There has been no one like him and I doubt there ever will be.



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