Opening day


I’ve always wanted to go to a Red Sox game on opening day. Never happened. The closest I get is today. I’m watching it on TV. Any one who knows me, knows what a redsox fan I am. It was probably the only downside to moving off the east coast. However,the following year I turned 50, as did a friend.  Also the miraculous happened. The Red Sox won the championship! They were the major league champs.  The minute the game ended my phone rang. It was my friend in California, another east coast transplant, she was six weeks older than me.  I didn’t even ask who it was, just picked up the phone and said, “Takes the sting out of turning 50 don’t it?” It sure did. 

I just wished my Uncle Bob had been alive to see it. He used to drive down from his farm in Maine twice a year to go to Red Sox games. Usually when they played the Yankees. That’s who is playing today and I’m screaming enough for Uncle Bob and myself!

 Someone asked me once who I rooted for and my answer? The Red Sox and anyone who is playing against the Yankees.  So, it’s spring, the sun is shining it’s a beautiful day here in Arizona, the Red Sox are on TV and life is good.


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