Addicted to Mysteries

Foyle's War title card.jpgMy husband and I are addicted to mysteries. It’s bad enough that I write them, we both read them and watch certain ones religiously. First 48-masterpiece Mystery we sorely miss BBC America.  When we downgraded our cable we lost it.  

Now we have Netflix streaming and boy am I in trouble.  I am watching some of the earlier shows but on by Masterpiece.  Champion, Inspector Alleyn, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. I’m also getting caught up on Midsomer Murders and others.  However my current obsession is Foyles War with Christopher Kitchens.

This is a perfect example of never say never. When it was on I attempted to watch one or two in the series and just couldn’t get into them.  Now I watch one almost every night before I go to sleep. Thanks to my tablet. Having seen it from the beginning I can enjoy the series much better.  The only problem is I keep trying to solve the mystery in my head,using 21st century methods not WW2 police standards. I have to stop and remind myself. I am sure I am not alone in this. How many of you out there try and solve the mystery you are watching before the answer is revealed?


One thought on “Addicted to Mysteries

  1. Jane says:

    Sometimea I don’t even get who did it after they tell me. But I love the BBC mysteries too. Janieoh

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