Computer Issues Suck

This weekend, my computer died. Just another thing in what was a war between me and the electronics this weekend.

I shouldn’t complain, the computer was 8 years old. It originally belonged to our friend Jack. When he died, we inherited it. He had it built to his specifications so it was a very powerful computer   Jack was a gamer, I am not. Still it fit my needs. There was one problem.

There was no recovery disk. 😦

I am not sure why, but there was not.

Thank god for Drop-box. I’ve been religiously stored everything there so while I may miss some things it won’t be a whole lot.

So for now husband and I are sharing a computer, something we haven’t done in a while.  Thank god I am home all day and can work then. Meanwhile I watch the sales, check eBay and amazon and eventually I will find something we can afford.

Thank god for smart phones. As long as I don’t piss some god of the electronics up again.:)


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