Books,Books and Books.



It’s definitely a week   for books of all genres. First it’s Read an E book Week.

To celebrate, both Chartons myself and my husband Michael have put a discount on most but not all of our books.  Check out our Smashword pages and when you click on to the page for the book you are interested in. If it is on sale there will be a code there to use at check out.  It’s a chance to try some new books.

My page on Smashwords.

Michael Charton on Smashwords

11 TFOB p6

If you happen to be in the Tucson Arizona area next weekend, March 9th and 10th, head over to the university of Arizona Student union. On the mall, in front of it will be the Tucson Festival of Books (tucsonfestival This is its fifth year and it is amazing. Some of the authors participating include, Cynthia Garner, Jennifer Greene,Jesse Paterson, Julia London, Kristen Lamb, Erin Quinn and Kerralyn Sparks to name a few. With a food court, a separate area for kids and teens with lots to keep them occupied it truly can be a family affair.  Check out the website and if you do decide to attend. Drop by Booth 179. That is where the Saguaro Romance Writers will be with free books and plenty of authors to meet.



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