Wednesday Words

I’ve seen this sentiment quoted in several different versions. This is the latest and important to know, especially when you are thinking of quitting.


“Getting knocked down in life is a given.

Getting up and moving forward is a choice.”

Zig Ziglar


Addicted to Mysteries

Foyle's War title card.jpgMy husband and I are addicted to mysteries. It’s bad enough that I write them, we both read them and watch certain ones religiously. First 48-masterpiece Mystery we sorely miss BBC America.  When we downgraded our cable we lost it.  

Now we have Netflix streaming and boy am I in trouble.  I am watching some of the earlier shows but on by Masterpiece.  Champion, Inspector Alleyn, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. I’m also getting caught up on Midsomer Murders and others.  However my current obsession is Foyles War with Christopher Kitchens.

This is a perfect example of never say never. When it was on I attempted to watch one or two in the series and just couldn’t get into them.  Now I watch one almost every night before I go to sleep. Thanks to my tablet. Having seen it from the beginning I can enjoy the series much better.  The only problem is I keep trying to solve the mystery in my head,using 21st century methods not WW2 police standards. I have to stop and remind myself. I am sure I am not alone in this. How many of you out there try and solve the mystery you are watching before the answer is revealed?

Pooh-The smartest bear I know.

poohI love Winnie the Pooh, who doesn’t. He’s soft, cuddly, loves honey and is a great philosopher. My husband’s nickname for me is Pooh, but I am far from a great philosopher  I am soft and cuddly and love honey though I like to think there are other reasons he loves me.

Today I would like to share a quote from the smartest bear I know.


  • People who don’t think probably don’t have brains; rather, they have grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake.

Computer Issues Suck

This weekend, my computer died. Just another thing in what was a war between me and the electronics this weekend.

I shouldn’t complain, the computer was 8 years old. It originally belonged to our friend Jack. When he died, we inherited it. He had it built to his specifications so it was a very powerful computer   Jack was a gamer, I am not. Still it fit my needs. There was one problem.

There was no recovery disk. 😦

I am not sure why, but there was not.

Thank god for Drop-box. I’ve been religiously stored everything there so while I may miss some things it won’t be a whole lot.

So for now husband and I are sharing a computer, something we haven’t done in a while.  Thank god I am home all day and can work then. Meanwhile I watch the sales, check eBay and amazon and eventually I will find something we can afford.

Thank god for smart phones. As long as I don’t piss some god of the electronics up again.:)

We have a Pope







Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, is the first pope to use the name Francis, the first Jesuit pope and the first from Latin America. He gives me hope that maybe there will be some changes in the church. Do I think there will be a sudden change in attitude of the church toward same-sex marriage or abortion?  No.

What about women as priests?   Maybe if nothing else he may be willing to listen.  One can hope.

I go a lot on gut feelings about people, whether I know then or not.  I do like the look of Francis.  Watching him I can see some of Pope John Paul and the kindness of Blessed John XXIII . I cried when I watched him asked for the blessing of everyone in the square.  He is humble, he cares about the poor and the sick and after everything the church has gone through, he gives me hope.  Which is saying something considering I call myself a “recovering catholic”. Time will tell.

Books,Books and Books.



It’s definitely a week   for books of all genres. First it’s Read an E book Week.

To celebrate, both Chartons myself and my husband Michael have put a discount on most but not all of our books.  Check out our Smashword pages and when you click on to the page for the book you are interested in. If it is on sale there will be a code there to use at check out.  It’s a chance to try some new books.

My page on Smashwords.

Michael Charton on Smashwords

11 TFOB p6

If you happen to be in the Tucson Arizona area next weekend, March 9th and 10th, head over to the university of Arizona Student union. On the mall, in front of it will be the Tucson Festival of Books (tucsonfestival This is its fifth year and it is amazing. Some of the authors participating include, Cynthia Garner, Jennifer Greene,Jesse Paterson, Julia London, Kristen Lamb, Erin Quinn and Kerralyn Sparks to name a few. With a food court, a separate area for kids and teens with lots to keep them occupied it truly can be a family affair.  Check out the website and if you do decide to attend. Drop by Booth 179. That is where the Saguaro Romance Writers will be with free books and plenty of authors to meet.