Snow? in Tucson?

2013 snow 003

Yes, it does happen, it’s rare but it does happen. The picture I posted I was taken outside my patio window. Our oldest cat, Yerbie was standing there watching it. He’s never seen snow. I slid the door open to see what he would do. He won’t go out there, unless I am out there. He usually puts his noise to the screen and sniffs. Today he didn’t even go that far. He stood beside me and sniffed and then walked over and jumped up on the ottoman..
It started snowing again and this time it was Pandora’s turn. She stood there and suddenly was on her hund legs scratching on the window
trying to catch the snow flakes.
Anyone who knows me knows I do not like snow. It was one of the reasons we moved from the east coast. Today, however, was fun. The snow looked pretty, my cats kept me amused and more importantly. I WAS NOT OUT IN IT! “)


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