Snow? in Tucson?

2013 snow 003

Yes, it does happen, it’s rare but it does happen. The picture I posted I was taken outside my patio window. Our oldest cat, Yerbie was standing there watching it. He’s never seen snow. I slid the door open to see what he would do. He won’t go out there, unless I am out there. He usually puts his noise to the screen and sniffs. Today he didn’t even go that far. He stood beside me and sniffed and then walked over and jumped up on the ottoman..
It started snowing again and this time it was Pandora’s turn. She stood there and suddenly was on her hund legs scratching on the window
trying to catch the snow flakes.
Anyone who knows me knows I do not like snow. It was one of the reasons we moved from the east coast. Today, however, was fun. The snow looked pretty, my cats kept me amused and more importantly. I WAS NOT OUT IN IT! “)


A day for a sadist.

Yesterday was definitely a day for a sadist, which I am not but it had to be done. Since the appointments are all in the same area I had them scheduled for the same day. Since I don’t have a car it’s just easier to do it this way.  So first up was a dexa scan usually a pain-free experience as anyone who has had one will tell you.  You  lay on a table and the machine scans you, totally pain-free, right?. Well when I lay on the cold table, in the cold room, my back  was not happy and let me know by going into spasms.  I felt sorry for the poor tech who kept apologizing, I knew if I just waited a minute it would stop and it did. Until I had to get up from the table when it started again.  I think I may have traumatized the poor kid.

Now for a short PSA…

I discovered that one side effect of being on thyroid replacement therapy for long periods of time(like since the age of 9) the calcium can be leached from your bones, hence the dexa scan.  After two falls resulted in two fractures within  a year I was found to have osteoporosis. So if you have been on thyroid replacement therapy for a long time it is something you might want to consider, especially as you approach menopause. Even if you do not look like someone who has osteoporosis. Trust me I don’t.

Back to our regularly scheduled rant…

Next, the yearly torture aka the squeeze plates aka the mammogram. Luckily the tech was good, and when she found out I was a writer we spent the time talking about e-books. Apparently her mother was dragged into the  digital world kicking and screaming by her book club and now she is a fanatical convert. It made the time go by quickly.

My husband asked me once what happened during a mammogram. We had been married for about 6 years and he’d listen to me every year complain about this. Due to a family history, I started my mammograms a little early.Bless his heart. I explained to him in excruciating detail what happens when a particular sensitive part of your anatomy was squeezed between two steel plates. He never asked again.:)

Now the best part of the whole day. Between the radiologist and the hospital where my afternoon appointment was, is the library.  So I spent a pleasant couple of hours. I had arrived shortly after they opened so was able to get on one of their computers relatively easy as the rush hadn’t started  and answered my emails. Then spent a while perusing the shelves and walked out with about  half a dozen books. Right across the street is one of my favorite oriental restaurants. Lunch was an egg roll and some Mongolian chicken and rice.

Then it was time for the ent doctor, I had  been having problems with ringing in my ears.  After looking in my ears and cleaning them out, not a fun procedure, he handed me over to the audiologist for a hearing test. He confirmed what I already knew. I have hearing loss in both my ears but it is worse in my left ear.  Only minimal in my right ear.

So now I must have an MRI apparently sometimes this can be caused by non cancerous growths that may affect the hearing and he wants to rule it out.  If they are there then I may have to have surgery to remove them.  If not, I may have to get a hearing aid.

Any one of them in one day would have been more than enough. What on earth made me think I could do all three in one day?  A sadist I am not. So when I got home I knew desperate measures were required to make  me feel better.  I required Chocolate!



Snow-Pain and Oreo cookies

I have arthritis in my back and in my knees so cold and damp do not agree with me. It’s one of the reasons we moved to Arizona from the east coast. It’s preventing me from sleeping, which is why I am up writing.  

I’m thanking the powers that be I am not back east. I’m watching CNN and praying my brothers and their families as well as cousins and friends back east stay warm and dry.

I’m also thinking of my dad, I told him once when I was having a particularly painful episode,”If I had known I was going to have this much pain when I got older, I’d have tried to be a little more careful when I was younger.  But I sure wouldn’t have had as much fun! 🙂

Watching the snow storm I’m also having a craving for Oreos.  Growing up whenever there was a blizzard my dad would bring home Oreos. This was our treat, something that we did not normally get. So I guess tomorrow I’ll get myself some Oreos and while I eat them I’ll remember my  Dad.

Things can go wrong

But they also can go right. This is a paraphrase what was said during an interview tonight on the NPR News hour.  All I could think was, truer words were never spoken. He was talking about his life and his 25 yr old marriage.  In life as in marriage there is good and bad. It’s what you do with them that defines you. It reminds me of my grandmothers definition of a good marriage.

“There were times he was wishing I was in hell and there were times I was wishing he was in hell but they were still the best 54 years of my life.
Two very good definitions of life and of marriage.