Random thoughts about homicidal young men and guns

This is from my mother in law, a 76 yo grandmother with thoughts on the recent tragedy.

Since you are a gun-owner and I am an unashamed liberal, I thought that if we can find common ground, there is some hope that something good might [big might] come out of this latest mass killing. This latest blast happened in the town a friend lives in. This is her parish [St. Rose], the priest that held an all-night vigil is her “Father Bob”. This is close; but near or far…. If there ever was a reason to have some governmental control of these possibly preventable outrages it should happen in a reasonable way and not as a reaction to yet another bloodbath.

It is true that guns don’t kill people, people kill people” what we have looked at with dismaying frequency is that some people are killers; guns just make it easy. Why are automatic weapons – the ones that can deliver a spray of shells available? These are not hunting guns but they are easy to use.  If one were to examine the history of all of the young men who have committed these mass murders, they all follow a disgustingly similar pattern. They are usually smart but not always because the LIRR killer who wiped out Carolyn Maloney’s husband along with several others and disabled her son was an academic failure and therefore it was everyone else’s fault and he wanted the world to know it. Maloney is in Congress from NY. She is a fairly good representative and first got elected on a single item – gun control.

It is possible that gun control of some sort will happen. I would rather see it discussed and agreed on by all people, not just people who are gun-phobic. Total bans never work and it still doesn’t address the real problem: we have no handle on sociopaths. It isn’t guns that are out of control; it is people who cannot wrap their heads around a sense of wrong. They unfortunately have a history and unhappily we -the rest of the population – get to find out about that after they have done something ghastly.  Yes I think that Bob Costas was right about the football-playing thug who killed his girl and then himself. It was easy for him to be an underbrained moron and he didn’t disappoint. The fallout landing on Costas says a lot about how people in general feel about football-playing idols that may have clay feet [and no brains].

The latest murderous kid – the Connecticut one – was having problems seemingly all his life, the hormonal storm of adolescence only made it worse. Everyone who knew him knew that he was ‘strange’. How strange; what does that mean? Was he ever worked up by a psychiatrist? Could they recognize a child with no for want of better words a moral compass? Now that his mother is also dead it impossible to ask her what in hells bells made her register these weapons in her name when she knew that her son was a problem? She had to have known; he lived with her. Who bought the guns and where? If she were still alive, it would have made sense to charge her as an accessory to murder. Did this kid ‘age out’ of some psychiatric care or was he just ignored until he did something to make his reputation?

I am asking for national government – because nothing else [unless it is the NRA steps up to the plate and does the policing and follow-up] has the clout to make this enforceable. So far all the NRA seems to be good for is throwing money into the outstretched hands of Congress. This is just another example of ‘just say no’.  I thought that government was supposed to protect!  Is this not something that is for the common good? There has to be a method to keep lethal weapons out of easy reach of the murderous. This should be something that the responsible people who can use weapons and are careful with them must design so that it is enforceable. Thugs will commit murder using any means at hand and so we are stuck with them. However; it seems to be the bright and amoral ones that go on killing sprees. They are identifiable….they have track records….they have been doing things like strangling cats as buildup. They are ultimately the ones we should really be afraid of. Since we cannot lock them up until they do something do we just accept that they will find a way to create a disaster? Wouldn’t it be easier to prevent the disaster by denying them the weaponry? Will this totally eliminate the problem? No. The true sociopath will find another way; just think of Jeffrey Dahmer or any other serial killer. But, we can stop the ones who will kill without touching.





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