Sandy sucks

Pure and simple.

I’ve been glued to the TV watching the horror and the devastation. Before moving to Arizona we lived in New Jersey for 12 years. Many of the places we knew are gone. There are friends I’ve not heard from yet. I am on facebook all day as people check in I breathe a little easier. They may not have power but they’ve managed to text someone or find somewhere with wifi so they can say, Hi, I’m alive, we’re ok.

The people of the tri state area will survive and come back, w\but they need help.  NBC is showing a concert tonight that is amazing. I’m sitting her watching Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon and Steven Tyler on the same stage singing ‘Under the Boardwalk.”

If you can give anything please do so. Doesn’t matter if  it’s the Red Cross, or another charity such as Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation, Catholic Charities, anything.  It’s the only thing to do.


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