A nice way to spend an afternoon

At least I thought so, as did the people who were with me. We were on a tour of the Tucson Police Department Crime Lab.

Our tour was led by a person from the DNA division. The building is new and spacious lots of sun light and glass. The labs were all location one side of the building and the offices on the other.

We couldn’t go into every lab because of the risk of evidence contamination. But that was fine, each lab had a video screen on the wall out side and the video talks about what that particular lab does. There were also exhibits outside or near that lab with examples of things related to each particular lab.

We did get into two labs, one was used by Q A  as well as being used for tours so people could get an idea of what a lab looked like. We were told the director was a history buff as evidence by the older equipment on display there.  The older microscopes and chemistry tubes reminded my of my late father in law. He would have enjoyed hearing about the tour.

The other lab we were allowed in was firearms. The firearms examiner took over that part of the tour, explaining what they did, showing us the different parts of the lab and what happened where. She very patiently answered our questions.

The tour was fun and interesting and I learned a lot from it. My thanks to all the members of TPD we encountered on the tour.vAlso Thank you to Marilyn Johnson of the Tucson chapter of Sisters in Crime for setting this up.  It really was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

My husband and I did a brief video on Public Speaking for the Do Life Right Teleconference. check it out


My first mystery The Pink Lady is now available for download on Kindle. I hope to have it available on other formats sometime in December.


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