A Great Actor

Last night I watched Much Ado about Nothing starring and directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Much Ado About Nothing PosterFrom1993 I hadn’t seen it in a while and forgot how good it was.It also starred some of my favorite actors including a very young Sean Patrick Leonard.

"Wallander" Tonight I am watching Wallander, also starring Kenneth Branagh made 10-15 years after Much Ado.  The two are different one is Shakespeare ,one of his comedies. The other is a dark and broody police man  and the cases he solves. It is based on the books by Henning Mankell.

I first saw him in Fortunes of War with Emma Thompson. Then and everything I have seen him in since he has taken the roles and made each his own.Some actors are known for playing a certain type.  Not him, he has done everything f From Guy Pringle in Fortunes of War, to Roman Church/Mike Strauss in Dead Again, then Dr. Loveless, Dr. Frankenstein and Hamlet, Othello and Henry V he has done great homage to Shakespeare.  There were other characters all leading up to Wallander and in each and every one of them he has taken the characters and made them his own. Making them a joy to watch. After all isn’t that what a great actor does.



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