Hole in the Sky

Eleven years ago today, I was living in NJ. I wrote this the week after the Towers fell. We were driving into New  York and I could see them still burning from across the river in New Jersey. It’s a sight I will never forget.  I was lucky, the one person I knew working in Tower One was able to get out.

Others were not. To the families and friends of those who didn’t, I send you all love and healing light and prayers.

There’s a hole in the sky

Where once was metal and steel

concrete and memories

There is now smoke and rubble

pain and tears.

And memories

There’s a hole in the sky

A place that held hopes and dreams

gone forever.

There’s a hole in the sky

As big as the hole in our hearts

The hole in the sky can be filled

But what about the hole in our hearts?

Time can not heal it.

But memories of good times and bad

And most of all of love

Will someday help the hurt

hurt less


2 thoughts on “Hole in the Sky

  1. Ronda Inman says:

    Beautiful – always brings tears when I recall – may we never experience like again. Please excuse me for even mentioning it but there is a typo I know you would want corrected: The hole in the sky cab be filled

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.


    Ronda Inman

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