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Today-tomorrow and Sunday my first mystery The Pink Lady is available for Kindle download on A,Amazon .com

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“Old Ghosts are good for business but dead bodies are not. “
The Pink Lady is a venerable Victorian home located near Cape Cod, in Massachusetts.
Anna Murray inherits the home from her uncle and decides to turn it into a bed and breakfast with the help of the two resident ghosts, Reggie and Leticia Farnsworth and BJ Kent, a contractor who specializes in Victorian restorations.
As Anna and BJ peel back the layers of grime, the layers of time reveal the truth behind the death of the Farnsworths so many years ago. Their present day situation has parellels to the Farnsworths, can Anna and BJ solve the mystery before it reaches the same sinister conclusions?

This is my first mystery written under my alter ego Elaine Joyce. I hope you enjoy it and if you feel so inclined- please post a review up on Amazon.

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I’m to young to be this damn old!

Usually I have not problems about my age. I don’t mind admitting to a very young 57 fast approaching 58. My mom died when she was 42 so I consider every year after that as a present.

However, every once in a while something will hit me between the teeth. When one of my nieces is suddenly 30+, or had a baby, or something like that. Usually I brush it off after a few minutes and go on.  Until a health issue reminds me that My body is not the same age as my mind.

Today I called my oldest brother, hadn’t talked to him in a while. My family is all on the east coast and I am in AZ. Anyway, he reminded me that a nephew had just gotten his driver’s license and a part-time job.

Cool, good luck. I remember someone else had told me that a few weeks ago.  didn’t bother me then. However since hanging up on my brother I have had a line from a Garth Brooks movie running in my head.

“I’m much to young to feel this damn old.

A Great Actor

Last night I watched Much Ado about Nothing starring and directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Much Ado About Nothing PosterFrom1993 I hadn’t seen it in a while and forgot how good it was.It also starred some of my favorite actors including a very young Sean Patrick Leonard.

"Wallander" Tonight I am watching Wallander, also starring Kenneth Branagh made 10-15 years after Much Ado.  The two are different one is Shakespeare ,one of his comedies. The other is a dark and broody police man  and the cases he solves. It is based on the books by Henning Mankell.

I first saw him in Fortunes of War with Emma Thompson. Then and everything I have seen him in since he has taken the roles and made each his own.Some actors are known for playing a certain type.  Not him, he has done everything f From Guy Pringle in Fortunes of War, to Roman Church/Mike Strauss in Dead Again, then Dr. Loveless, Dr. Frankenstein and Hamlet, Othello and Henry V he has done great homage to Shakespeare.  There were other characters all leading up to Wallander and in each and every one of them he has taken the characters and made them his own. Making them a joy to watch. After all isn’t that what a great actor does.


Hole in the Sky

Eleven years ago today, I was living in NJ. I wrote this the week after the Towers fell. We were driving into New  York and I could see them still burning from across the river in New Jersey. It’s a sight I will never forget.  I was lucky, the one person I knew working in Tower One was able to get out.

Others were not. To the families and friends of those who didn’t, I send you all love and healing light and prayers.

There’s a hole in the sky

Where once was metal and steel

concrete and memories

There is now smoke and rubble

pain and tears.

And memories

There’s a hole in the sky

A place that held hopes and dreams

gone forever.

There’s a hole in the sky

As big as the hole in our hearts

The hole in the sky can be filled

But what about the hole in our hearts?

Time can not heal it.

But memories of good times and bad

And most of all of love

Will someday help the hurt

hurt less

Thoughts on a September afternoon…

Just sitting here on a Labor day afternoon thinking….

Labor day means many things to many people. It is a day to celebrate the working man and woman. It is also the last beach day, the last barbecue, the last day at the pool.

It also means the end of summer, time to prepare to bundle up and nest for the cold weather. Yes it gets cold in Arizona. While not as cold as say New England or Minnesota. However I have not lived on the east coast for almost 10 years now. Long enough to make my already thin blood even thinner. However I can start making stew and chili and lots of other things I don’t usually make in the warm weather.

It also means, for me the start of what I call Birthday Season. For some reason a good chunk of our family were born in the last quarter for the year. my husband and I included in that mash. We have 3 birthdays in September, 4 in October, 2 in November, 3 in December and 2 in January. In  between are my three favorite holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. All bound to take the sting our of winter, or at least help it.

I hope you all enjoyed your three-day weekend.  Do you like the fall? The winter? What is your favorite thing about it?