Pink Lady-coincidence?

Available today on Amazon for kindle is my first in a series of mysteries. The Pink Lady is the first in a series of the same title. It is set in  a haunted bed and breakfast in Massachusetts. Here is the blurb…

“Old Ghosts are good for business but dead bodies are not. “
The Pink Lady is a venerable Victorian home located near Cape Cod, in Massachusetts.
Anna Murray inherits the home from her uncle and decides to turn it into a bed and breakfast with the help of the two resident ghosts, Reggie and Leticia Farnsworth and BJ Kent, a contractor who specializes in Victorian restorations.
As Anna and BJ peel back the layers of grime, the layers of time reveal the truth behind the death of the Farnsworth’s so many years ago. Their present day situation has parallels to the Farnsworth’s, can Anna and BJ solve the mystery before it reaches the same sinister conclusions?

I did a Google search on the books title, just see if there was another one out there. Imagine my surprise when one of the first listing was…

The ghost of the Pink Lady. Check it out! 

Coincidence or good omen?  My vote is for good omen.

Check out The Pink Lady 

If so inclined, I would greatly appreciate if you left a review on Amazon after you read it.



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