Weekend Thoughts

Have had some crazy thoughts this weekend, maybe it’s the pain pills. Humidity and I do not get along.

1-my body is turning into a human barometer. between my sinuses and my joints who needs a weather man?

2. Who decides just how much glue is needed to keep a box closed.

This after I spent 15 minutes trying to open the box with the ink cartridges for my printer.

3.Thank god for text messages or I’d hate to see what my phone bill would be like.

4. If a spoonful of sugar doesn’t make the medicine go down. Try tequila. Goes great with ice tea or diet Dr. Pepper.

5. I really missed my Dad today. I used to tell him if I knew I would be in this much pain when I was older, i might have tried to be more graceful when I was younger. But I wouldn’t have had half the fun

6. My legs may fall asleep when Yerbie is on my lap but he makes a damn good keyboard tray:)

Hope everyone has a good week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Thoughts

  1. If not tequila, try butterscotch flavored schnapps. 🙂

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