The Crowded Grave – Martin Walker

THE CROWDED GRAVE is the next in Martin’ Walkers wonderful series with his Chief of Police Bruno. I have very quickly fallen in love with these books and the characters, especially Bruno and his beloved town of St. Denis.

In THE CEOWDED GRAVE, an archaeological dig turns into a crime scene when a skeleton is found. Instead of one that is thousands of years old, as you would expect in an archaeological dig.  This body was killed  roughly thirty years ago. Is it related to the Basque Terrorists? Why are they bothering with his beloved St. Denis?

And lets not forget the two women in his life and the food.  Every time he describes a meal being cooked my mouth waters.

These books are wonderful, the mysteries are masterfully plotted. Every time I think I had it figured out, something would happen to give me just a shred of doubt in my decision.

If you’ve not enter the world of Bruno and the town of St Denis treat yourself to the first book BRUNO CHIEF OF POLICE.  The books do not have to be read in  order but it does make it more enjoyable.  You can also check out Bruno’s website



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