Aurora/Tucson Why?

Like most of us, I woke up to the tragedy of Aurora Colorado and I flash back to a similar  day 18 months ago here in Tucson. I was in the pharmacy picking up prescriptions and some one came in and announced, Congresswoman Giffords has been shot. My world turned upside down.

Like last night the horror was perpetrated by a disturbed young man. However the young man last night still has not given us a reason why he has done this. At least not at the time of writing this.  There is still the question of why? The survivors ask, why me?  The family of those who did not survive ask, why?

. Some may not allow their children or themselves,to go back to the movies, especially Batman for fear of copycats. We should try and not do that, for if we do the sickoes of the world win.

Tonight we will all hold our loved ones a little bit closer, keep the victims and the people of Aurora Colorado in our prayers. Help them get through this long dark tunnel of grief. One day they will come out the other side. While the world will never be the same they will go on. Because their loved ones would want them to.  But they will never forget, they shouldn’t and neither should we.


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