Baseball – Hot dogs-Apple Pie and ….

There was a commercial when I was in my 20’s (back in the late middle ages) That started this way. It was supposed to show how american this particular car maker was.

With Independence day coming up, for some reason this jingle has been running through my  mind. So of course it got me thinking of 4th of July’s in the past.

We always had a cook out in our back yard. Hamburg, hot dogs,chips, no apple pie but sometimes there was watermelon. And ice cream.  We loved two blocks from the beach and back then they had fireworks been set off on the other side of the beach. What at the time was a landfill and is now something else.

One time my dad counted all the kids on our street and there were about 75. All of them were down that beach with their parents. We kids ran around, watching the teenagers with their sparklers and other things we couldn’t play with but wanted to so badly. Inevitably though, someone would get burnt  We didn’t care. They were fun to watch, because we knew someday we would be able to do that as well.

Once the fireworks started everyone sat down. The parents bought blankets for the kids to sit on and beach chairs for themselves. It was an hour of oohs and ahhs of pure innocent childhood joy. I still ooh and ahh when I see fireworks but it’s not the same.

This Independence day several of us are getting together for a put luck. We will still have hotdogs and hamburgers and corn on the cob  I’ll watch the fireworks on the tv instead of the beach. I’ll still ooh and ahh. And remember those nights on the sand..

What’s your plans for the holiday? Do you have a favorite thing to cook on the grill?



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