Review Nazareth Child

Nazareth Child (Del Shannon, Book 1)Del Shannon has a reputation for being invincible when tracking people down. Except the mother she’s never known.

The FBI recruit her to help them infiltrate   religious compound Nazareth Church, led by fanatical minister Silas Rule. When her father died, Del inherited the deed to a house in the hills of Kentucky. In a place known as Nazareth Church.  The FBI recruit her along with ATFE agent Frank Falconet  to infiltrate the compound led by fanatical minister Silas Rule.

Does Nazareth Church and Silas hold the keys to her mother? Is she even alive?

This is the first book in the Del Shannon series and is dark, disturbing yet unforgettable.

I found myself drawn into this amazing story right from Page one.  Del is one kick ass heroine, I’d definitely want her on my side in a fight. I hated to put the book down but had to if I were to get my own work done. I can not wait for the next one

Kudos to Darrell James for one hell of a book.

I checked this book out of my local library for my own enjoyment. This review was not request and is my own opinion. I received no payment or reimbursement for this review.


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