Wednesday Words Punning is Genetic

Punning and groaning are brothers. ~B.F. Tucson

Did you know Punning is genetic? It is and I have proof. I married into a family of punsters.
My husband is a world-class punster, much better at it then I am, but it’s not in my genetic make up. It is in his. His parents, his sisters and his nieces are all punsters. Dinner at their house is interesting. A family friend used to count the puns thrown out during the course of a meal.
My father in-law was a Master of the pun.It’s only natural that his children carry on the tradition.
One year my in-laws were in Europe on sabbatical. Nine Months they were there teaching and the weekend after their return,–– we took the train down for a weekend visit. We arrived Friday night in time for dinner. We weren’t at the dinner table five minutes and the puns started flowing back and forth, each one getting worse than the last. This lasted through dinner, desert and further on in the night. Finally I had enough, I got up wished everyone a good night and left the room. I don’t know what time it stopped, I went to sleep.
I found this quote from the comedian Fred Allen. (those of you young enough to not know who he is, google his name)I think I may have to make it into a sign for my husband.
Hanging is too good for a man who makes puns; he should be drawn and quoted. ~Fred Allen


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words Punning is Genetic

  1. kamellia73 says:

    Funny. Er, punny. Would love to read some examples!

  2. kinetikat says:

    “Drawn and quoted”! LOL
    Coming from a family of wordplayers myself, I have to say, anybody with the Pun Gene is constitutionally incapable of resisting when someone makes a pun or a good feed line for one – you just HAVE to say it, it’s like asking Roger Federer to put down his tennis racket mid-volley… we simply cannot do it!
    Great post!

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