Fathers Day memories

On fathers day, I’d like to share one of my favorite memories. It involves both my father and my father in law.

Dad was visiting us and we took he and his wife into my in-laws one night for dinner. I walked through the door and it was the usually Saturday at my in-laws. Any of the children, grandchildren and various assorted friends who were available. Nothing my mother in law likes better than a full house to feed.

Anyway, someone stopped me and asked me to speak with my father in law. He had phlebitis and had a flare up. He would not sit down and elevate his legs. In fact he was standing in the dining room talking with all his grandchildren. My father in law did things they way he wanted to do them. However, as much as he listened to anyone he would listen to me.

In the dining-room I found him standing surrounded by his grandchildren. The following conversation ensued

ME: What are you doing?

FIL  What does it look like? I’m talking with my grand children.

ME: (Pointing into the adjoining living room) You are supposed to be sitting in there with your feet elevated. Now get in there and put your feet up, NOW.

Suddenly there are gales of laughter coming from the doorway. It’s my father. He recognized the tone pf voice. It was one I had used at various times in my life on him and or my brothers. When he finished laughing he looked at my father in law and said, “She does it to you too?”

I then turned to my father and said, “Just for that, you can keep him company. And I awant you to stay there until dinner.”

Of course, the grand-kids thought this was hysterical, someone bossing their grand father around.

However I was not totally cruel. My father in law introduced me to the wonders of single malts and I knew where he kept his whiskeys. I got  the bottle and three glasses and took them into the room, laying it on the table between them. Why three glasses?

You think I wasn’t going to let them have all the fun?”

Unfortunately we lost both of them this past year, within six months of each other. So on this fathers day I imagine them up in heaven, that bottle between them. Drinking and telling stories. As my youngest brother said, “The same stories they’ve told for the past 40 years.

Michael and I will raise a toast to you both. “Happy Fathers Day!”

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers!


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