Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

It’s a lovely Sunday evening in June. Sunday evenings in June, in the Charton house means one thing BASEBALL. Tonight’s game is one of our favorite teams, the Mets against the Cardinals.  For those who know me, I have not changed allegiance. I still bleed Red Sox red. I root for the Mets when the Red Sox are not on TV and they are. Husband grew up a Mets fan and I grew up a Red Sox Fan. Yes, we are a mixed marriage but the only time that was a problem was in 1986. That however, is for another blog, far, far, far in the future(still hurts to think of it.)


Back to business at hand. Baseball games, at least growing up meant hotdogs, soda (beer when I got older) and peanuts. Today it is so much more.  While researching baseball food on the web I came across a book I will have to get. The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip  by  Josh Pagigian and Kevin OConnell. Originally published in 2004 there is now a 2nd edition, published this past March.

I found an article from 2007 on ESPN.Com where the authors list thier top ten baseball food, in no particular order.  Everything  from Sausage or bratwurst to baked potatoes and shrimp tacos.  Hot Dogs are still everyone’s favorite ballpark food. At least everyone I know.

The Authors list their top ten ball park hotdogs.

This was as of 2007, if anyone knows of any changes in the 2nd edition, please let me know. Here is their list

1-Miller’s Dog = McAfee Colisuem. Oakland

2, The Fenway Frank- Fenway Park Boston

3.Nathan’s Hot Dog, -Yankees Stadium, New York

4, Hebrew National Dog -Safeco Field, Seattle

5. Met Jumbo Dog, -The Metrodome, Minneapolis

6. Aarons Hot Dog – Shea Stadium, New York

7. The Hunter Dog-New Busch Stadium, St. Louis

8. Grilled Blue Jay Dog-Rogers Center, Toronto

9.Schweigert Hot Dog – Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City

10. Hot Dog Heaven – Turner Field, Atlanta

Pretty decent list, I still say the The Fenway Frank should be  #1. However, I may be just a tad prejudiced. Go Sox!



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