Memorial day

As the only girl with five brothers I was often outvoted when it came to what was on tv. This was back in the late middle ages, when everyone had only one TV.  No remote control, you actually got up and walked over to the TV to change the channel. But I digress.

Because of my minority status, I got to watch a lot of shows about cops and robbers and soldiers especially soldiers. One of their favorite shows was COMBAT!  This was in the 60’s. Close enough to WW2 that everyone had one or more family members who had fought.

I think even with the fantasy of television in those days, it gave people. especially kids, some frame of reference. For me, it also gave something else. I didn’t realize it then but I was building a base for my writing career. The good guys were always handsome, and kind and good.They love their mother, their wife/girlfriend.They didn’t lie,unless it was for the good of someone important. They did not break the law, unless it was for a damn good reason.

This is something I’ve noted in all my heroes, at least a little bit<G>

Today is a day for remembering heroes, those men and women who place their lives on the line every day so we can have our freedoms. So to those past and present, those who gave the final sacrifice and those who are still here. Thank you and may god bless you and keep you safe.


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