Feline Terrible Twos

But Ma, We didn’t do it!

While we were in New York recently I bought myself a Nook Tablet. I already had a first generation Nook but have been lusting after a tablet. It got worse after visiting my friend who actually owned one.  Finally I could afford one.

It more than paid for itself before we returned from New York. Now I don’t know how I lived without it. I use it more than my laptop. The best part about it? My cats won’t sit on it. I should say can’t sit on it.

My life is ruled by two cats.  Yerbie and Pandora.  Yerbie has his own Facebook page started by my husband. Pandora is going through the terrible twos. Any one who thinks that is strictly a human phenomena is wrong.  I have feline proof of it.

Since I injured my back it is easier for me to sit in my recliner rather than at my office desk.  Yerbie will jump on the arm and sit there while I write. Pandora gets up and finds this little space between me and the laptop and gets down in there. She figures if she’s there I will pay attention to her and I do, for a few minutes.  She’s not big enough to cover the keyboard so I just let her sit there and use her as a wrist rest. After a few minutes she’s gone in disgust.

When I am on my nook, they both try to knock it out of my hands and then get upset when they can’t.

Yerbie will sit on my lap and wait patiently. Pandora needs attention now. She usually goes off in a huff. I suppose I should be thankful she hasn’t decided to do to my fingers what she does to my toes. When she’s hungry and I am not moving fast enough, she bites my toes.


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