Marvin aka Great Mind

I’ve been absent for a while here and for those of you who also follow my husband michael’s posts you know why. We’ve been in NYC because his dad died a few weeks ago. We’ve been helping his mom and sisters with all that need to be done. Tomorrow we head back to our little stretch of desert to begin our LWM(Live without Marvin).  I’d like to share what I said at his memorial service this past Sunday.

“My parents have a four-hour layover in Logan and would like us to come out and have dinner with them. They want to meet you.”

Scary words. I was about to meet two people with more education than I had seen in my life time.

What would they have to say to a poor Irish girl from South Boston.

I shouldn’t have worried.

I was petrified as we waited for them to come off the plane. Then I spotted this man   crossing the terminal. He wore a rumpled rain coat and had a computer type bag slung cross his chest looking every inch the absent-minded professor.

It was Michael’s dad and I shouldn’t have worried.

We found a restaurant and sat down. I immediately felt like I had known him forever. That should have been no surprise I had the same feeling after the first date I had with his son, my husband. He made me feel comfortable asking my questions about my family, my life, my career. No matter when we talked I always felt as if he cared about what I had to say.

Marvin loved Puns, that was no secret and his children are living proof that Punning is genetic, When they returned from sabbatical in Europe we took the train down from Boston where we lived at the time.  In no time at all the puns started, One after another they flew across the table. When I finally went to bed they were still being flung, I simply got up, said goodnight and let them have their fun.

If you asked him how he was doing, Marvin’s standard answer was “I’m, full of vim, I’m full of vigor.” To which I replied, “Stop lying .” We’d have a good laugh.

Most people know the saying another day another dollar. Marvin would say another day, another Molecule. Well, the world has lost more than a few molecules with the passing of Great Mind. And like everyone here I will miss him. I was so blessed to have known him and so lucky to be part of his amazing family.


2 thoughts on “Marvin aka Great Mind

  1. Mary E. Anderson says:

    Dear Elaine and Micheal,
    Please accept my sympathies. Great Mind was a wonderful caring friend. You described his humor so well and also how he was always present in a conversation. I will miss him. Sincerely,
    Mary E. Anderson

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