San Diego

I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight home to Tucson. It’s 2 hrs before we board and luckily we did bring at least one laptop with us. 

My in-laws were here for a conference, they live in NY and we live in AZ-this was the closest we would be to each other this year so why not spend the weekend together? Conference was over  and my husband was the only one who had ever been to San diego. It would be fun.

t was, to a point. my father in law got some sort of stomach flu and spent the weekend in the hotel. We took his mother and my husband and i took off. San Diego is a fun city to visit. We went to Balboa park twice, today we went thru all the international cottages talking to people from different countries and sampling food. it was fun. We spent a day at the zoo, rented a wheel chair for me and walked all over. We also took the air tram which we probably should not have done as the bumps when we hit a wheel jarred my back.

Yesterday we went to old town and explored or as much as we could since i was having problems going up and down stairs. We need to go back and explore the Whaley House. Reported to be the most haunted house around., 

In all it was a wonderful weekend, the hotel was amazing, we got to spent time with Michael s parents and we got to do some exploring on our own.. However, my back is not happy and is crying for my recliner and my heating pad. soon,,,


2 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. Jane says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time, except for the flu. Hope your back recovers quickly.

  2. Thanks Jane! It is getting better Luckily Michael still has two days off so he can help me.

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