Bruno, Chief of Police

I love it when I find a new author and when it is one I can share with my husband even better.

When we first met, my husband introduced me to George Simenon’s Inspector Maigret.  A few years back he introduced me to Cara Black and her Aimee Leduc. Both set in Paris, one of my favorite cities. Although Maigret has been known to travel as far as Tucson, Arizona.

Someone recommended an author whose mail character was the chief of police in a small French village. I immediately went to the library site and reserved the three books that have been written, so far by Martin Walker.

Bruno is a former soldier who fought in Bosnia, he lost the love of his life in that war and was seriously injured. He is now Chief of Police in Saint- Denis. There are three books that I have read so far Bruno, Chief of Police, The Dark Vineyard and  Black Diamond. The fourth one, The Crowded Grave.

The writing is wonderful, descriptive and the stories are amazing. Just when you think you have it figured out Mr. Walker throws you a curve and you just go WOW. That doesn’t happen often.

The books have a lot of the feel of a Maigret or an Aimee Leduc but it is not as dark. For now matter how severe the murder, how bad the crime, Bruno does all he can to keep his town of Saint-Denis and the people who have adopted him as one of their own, safe. 

Like any self respected police chief, there is a website for Bruno.

check it out and after you have read them don’t be surprised if, like me you find yourself falling in love, just a little with Bruno and his town of Saint-Denis.Image


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