What’s wrong with this picture

Life is simple, it’s just not easy. ~Author Unknown

The past few days I’ve been watching the news paying particular attention to the weather.  I think I’ve entered an alternate universe somewhere.

When we moved to Arizona nine years ago my family thought we were crazy.  “It’s so hot there, they would say.

“Of course, that was what I wanted, hot and dry.” I have arthritis in my legs hands and back. When we lived back east I would suffer for at least 6 months . I still suffer, but not as long.

My dad used to call when we were in the middle of our heat wave of 100+ and Monsoons. He’d give me a blow by blow description of how comfortable he is on Cape Cod. To which I would reply “Keep that memory and pull it out in the middle of February or March when you’re still dealing with snow and cold. And I call to tell you I’m outside cooking on the grill. ”

I am sure right now my father is looking down and laughing at me. It’s been 80 degrees in NYC and similar weather elsewhere on the east coast. We’ve had a freeze alert here for the past two nights. I’m wearing my gloves when I go for my walk in the morning and had to turn the heat back on.

So yes Dad where ever you may be, payback is a bitch.  However, the weather will be back to normal in the next few days. 80’s by Friday!  Time to get the shorts out.


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