There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.

Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970)




I’ve been sitting here watching the 25th Anniversary of  The Phantom of the Opera. I’ve seen it at least 3 times during this current bout of PBS fundraising and each time I am amazed and moved to tears. But those who know me will tell you that doesn’t take much.

It did get me thinking a bout how much of what I watch and what I read growing up has affected what I write.   I grew up reading about the men and women who made this country great.  Then I discovered other places, other people all through books.and movies.

Growing up with all those brothers I was usually low man on the totem pole when it came to what to watch on TV. As a result we watched a lot of shows like Combat and probably every cop show on TV. Is it any wonder I write about dead bodies.

I am a visual person and I use pictures to help me with physical descriptions of characters and place. A lot of times I use characters from some of my favorite movies and tv show.

No matter what I write, a romantic suspense about a cop with trust issues. A paranormal about twins, one good one evil or  about a mortician who can talk to dead people. There is also one thing common in all of them. Love and Family and isn’t that really what it’s all about.

Bruno, Chief of Police

I love it when I find a new author and when it is one I can share with my husband even better.

When we first met, my husband introduced me to George Simenon’s Inspector Maigret.  A few years back he introduced me to Cara Black and her Aimee Leduc. Both set in Paris, one of my favorite cities. Although Maigret has been known to travel as far as Tucson, Arizona.

Someone recommended an author whose mail character was the chief of police in a small French village. I immediately went to the library site and reserved the three books that have been written, so far by Martin Walker.

Bruno is a former soldier who fought in Bosnia, he lost the love of his life in that war and was seriously injured. He is now Chief of Police in Saint- Denis. There are three books that I have read so far Bruno, Chief of Police, The Dark Vineyard and  Black Diamond. The fourth one, The Crowded Grave.

The writing is wonderful, descriptive and the stories are amazing. Just when you think you have it figured out Mr. Walker throws you a curve and you just go WOW. That doesn’t happen often.

The books have a lot of the feel of a Maigret or an Aimee Leduc but it is not as dark. For now matter how severe the murder, how bad the crime, Bruno does all he can to keep his town of Saint-Denis and the people who have adopted him as one of their own, safe. 

Like any self respected police chief, there is a website for Bruno.

check it out and after you have read them don’t be surprised if, like me you find yourself falling in love, just a little with Bruno and his town of Saint-Denis.Image

What’s wrong with this picture

Life is simple, it’s just not easy. ~Author Unknown

The past few days I’ve been watching the news paying particular attention to the weather.  I think I’ve entered an alternate universe somewhere.

When we moved to Arizona nine years ago my family thought we were crazy.  “It’s so hot there, they would say.

“Of course, that was what I wanted, hot and dry.” I have arthritis in my legs hands and back. When we lived back east I would suffer for at least 6 months . I still suffer, but not as long.

My dad used to call when we were in the middle of our heat wave of 100+ and Monsoons. He’d give me a blow by blow description of how comfortable he is on Cape Cod. To which I would reply “Keep that memory and pull it out in the middle of February or March when you’re still dealing with snow and cold. And I call to tell you I’m outside cooking on the grill. ”

I am sure right now my father is looking down and laughing at me. It’s been 80 degrees in NYC and similar weather elsewhere on the east coast. We’ve had a freeze alert here for the past two nights. I’m wearing my gloves when I go for my walk in the morning and had to turn the heat back on.

So yes Dad where ever you may be, payback is a bitch.  However, the weather will be back to normal in the next few days. 80’s by Friday!  Time to get the shorts out.

Wednesday’s wise words

“Maybe it’s true that life begins at 50… but everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out.”
– Phyllis Diller

Sorry folks, feeling sorry for myself today. Having a fractured disk in your back will do it. However there is no reason to bring anyone else down so here is something my friend Alicia showed on her blog a while back. It’s Alan Rickman and believe me it is worth watching, How come something like that never happens when I stop for gas?

Saint Patrick’s Memories

Next Saturday is March 17. Saint Patricks Day. A day for the Irish to celebrate  thier heritage. I grew up in Boston,specifically South Boston. Every year there was a parade to celebrate. The official state holiday was Evacuation day. The holiday commemorates the evacuation of British forces from the city of Boston following the Siege of Boston, early in the American Revolutionary War.

Yes history was important but growing up all I cared about was the parade,and the food afterwards.  My friends and family all knew they would find food,fun and friendship at our house. My then fiancee  was aubjected to and survived the terror known as “THE UNCLES’ the name for the collective gang of my father and his three brothers.

I’ve not lived in Boston in 25 years and a lot has changed, THE UNCLES are no longer with us, Dad left us a few months ago. Come the17th,I’ll raise a glass to them and the memories of previous celebration.

If you’d like a recipe for corned beef and cabbage or any of the top ten Irish recipes from IRISH CENTRAL. COM click here



Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.  ~Richard Steele, Tatler, 1710


This weekend is the Fourth Annual Tucson Festival of Books. A weekend of fun for all ages. Food,books.panels and workshops on all genres. Speakers include Iris and Roy Johansen, Brenda Novak, Rachel Gibson,Karen Hawkins and others. Members of local Romance, Mystery and Sci Fi writers groups will be there as well. Held on the mall at the University of Arizona. To find more go to There you will find a listing of authors, speakers, everything you need to make your way around the festivities. The weather is supposed to be good so grab the sunscreen, grab your kids and/or some friends and head on over for a great time. And its FREE.