If it’s Friday it must be Avon…

Valentines Day will be here before you know it. Check Campaign 3 in my electronic store. Yes, there is Jewelry, perfumes, cologne, and that sexy little something to wear for that special someone.

While all those are nice and I wouldn’t say no to any of those. (hint hint to my husband:)) My favorite thing in this campaign is the cookie cutter in the shape of lips or the muffin/cake tin with all the little hearts. Perfect for little cakes or even for whoopie pies or cookies, For those of you who like to bake goodies, for the kids to take to school, you to take to work or for desert after dinner with your significant other. Check it out at www.youravon.com/echarton


2 thoughts on “If it’s Friday it must be Avon…

  1. Those would be fun. I need to find a gluten free recipe that works with cookie cutters.

  2. I’m sure there has to be one somewhere.

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