Jackie James

Today I’d like to introduce Jackie James. Jackie’s first book MASQUERADE an Erotic fantasy romance is available from Keith Publications.   and on Amazon.com

The general public knows her as Josie Dupree, Best Selling Author of Romantic Suspense. What the public doesn’t know is she is an Elite Faerie Warrior, currently undercover to find the leader of a gang of thieves that is stealing antiquities and selling them on the black market. Gaston Marchand, vampire and New Orleans Police Detective, is assigned to get close to Ms. Dupree who is suspected of being part of the gang.
When Josie and Gaston meet at the Annual New Orleans Black and White Ball, sparks fly. Jose doesn’t have time for a quick fling, but is tempted except that Gaston Marchand is a vampire and an immortal enemy.

See an excerpt below, after the interview Enjoy!

Jackie James lives in the Southwest with her cat Sammy.  Besides writing she hikes in the beautiful mountains that surround the valley she lives in. She is a member of the Saguaro Chapter of the RWA.  Masquerade is her first published book. Stay tuned for more stories about Faeries, Vampires, Shifters, Demons and Witches, her favorite subjects.

Q&A with Jackie

   When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

       In 1986 I was parking my car in my parking space and a thought came to me. It was the first germ of an idea for my first book. I have finished the book through the first draft, but between 1986 and 2004 I didn’t do much on it. But I never gave up the idea of the book and it is now the third book of a series I’m working on. When I retired, I knew one of the things I would do would be writing. I currently have 17 projects either finished through the first draft or almost finished. I finally got published in November of 2011. Stop in to Amazon or Wicked Ink Press and look up Jackie James or Masquerade. Enjoy. I’m waiting to hear on a second submission. My plan is to send out 1 book a month until I’m finished which will probably be never because new ideas arrive in my head every day. I’m not a spring chicken so remember, you’re never too old to write and get published.
Elaine-that book has since been accepted by Keith Publications. Jackie may be no spring chicken but I want to be her when I grow up.
 What genre do you write in? If you write in more than one genre is it under different names?
        I write Erotic Paranormal and Romantic Suspense. I’m thinking of writing a Cozy Mystery sometime in the future. For my paranormal, I write under Jackie James. My Romantic Suspense are written under Jackie Jordan.
Is there something you definitely need around when you write?
           I need complete or almost complete silence. While I’m writing, I’m creating and don’t like to be interrupted. That’s not too hard to accomplish because my cat sleeps all day.
   Are you part of a critique group?
           Yes. I have 5 of the most awesome critique partners a writer could ever want. We each have our areas of expertise. You might say we compliment each other. We meet every Sunday morning and it’s one of the highlights of my week. The snacks aren’t too bad either. If you write and don’t belong to a critique group, I recommend you join one as soon as possible. My work wouldn’t be any good without them. You may not click with a group so find another one. For me it’s a necessity. Also join a local RWA Romance Writer’s chapter. There is a wealth of information to be had plus a great networking opportunity. Some of my very best friends here in Tucson are members of the Tucson Saguaro Chapter of RWA.

Plotter or Panster or both?

         I am definitely a panster. An idea comes to me and I sit down, call up my characters and basically let them write the story. Of course, they need my help along the way, but when I’m writing, my characters and I are a team. And then there’s always one of my critique partners or all of them to help when I get stuck. I love to sit down and talk about writing. Some of my best ideas have come from one of those conversations.
Thank you Jackie, I’ve read Masquerade and think it’s wonderful!
Here’s an excerpt

Josie stood at the top of the steps leading down to the ballroom and gazed over the sea of black and white below her. She lifted her head. Vampire. I wonder who he is. She relaxed slightly and slowly walked down the stairs. Several men stopped what they were doing and stared at her.   She was tall for a Faerie. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and in her see-through dress, her long black curly hair falling to her waist, she knew she looked good.She smiled to herself and made her way to the bar on the side wall of the room. As she walked, she felt the hair on the back of her neck rise and knew the vampire she’d sensed earlier was behind her.

The hand on her shoulder was gentle and a deep sexy voice said, “Good evening, may I have the pleasure of this dance?”
Josie turned slowly. Although she was tall, she had to raise her head before she looked into stunning, emerald green eyes with gold flecks. He was muscular and lean. Wow, I could drown in those eyes.        
Josie hesitated a moment before she spoke. Finally she said, “I would love to dance with you.”

When Gaston put his hand on the small of her back, a jolt of electricity shot down her spine.


One thought on “Jackie James

  1. Fun interview! I enjoyed Masquerade, I just finished reading it. And I agree you do have amazing critique partners. LOL! Our group wouldn’t be the same without you.

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