New Years Food Traditions

New Years Traditions there are many of them and many involve food. I found a list of seven some of them I had not heard of before

1.Black eye peas for abundance and good luck.  Lentils are also good luck because they supposedly look like coins.

2.Pork is another food. reasoning is poultry scratches backwards, a cow stand still and pigs move forward. Which is how you want to go into the new year.

3. Grapes   consume twelve grapes at midnight. One for each stroke of the clock. Each grape represents a different month

4. Cooked Greens  It is widely believed that the more greens one eats the larger ones fortunes in the coming year.

5. Pomegranate seeds for abundance and fertility

6, Noodles-long noodles for a long life. You should not cut them.

7. Fish. Many cultures celebrate with fish and the Japanese believe fish to be a symbol of fertility.

Each country and culture has their own traditions for the New Year,

In Scotland the New Years celebration is called Hogmanay. In addition to Haggis there is shortbread and maybe venison prie with a side dish of rumbledethumps which is a potato, turnip and cabbage dish, and of course whiskey

What is your tradition?

No matter what your traditions, May you all have a happy, healthy and delicious New Year.



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