Christmas Memories

This is one of my favorite Christmas Memories, any names have been changed to protect me if one of my brothers should read this. 🙂

It is actually a bittersweet memory but one I treasure just the same.

It was the Christmas after my mom died, Dad and all of us older kids had done our best to make it a real special Christmas.

Some of my brothers were still little and all I had heard for weeks was Santa, Santa, Santa.
Christmas Eve came and I was getting ready to go to a party at my best friend’s house. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I heard “Ho-ho-ho is Charlie here?” I hurried downstairs to see my brothers’ reaction.

Santa stood in the doorway and one brother was talking to him. But it was the littlest one the rest of us watched. He came running down the hall, stop dead in his tracks, his eyes grew wide and he whisper SANTA. He ran over and hugged Santa, who sounded suspiciously like one of my older brother’s friends. Charlie whispered to Santa all he wanted for Christmas and when he was done, Santa whispered something to him, wished us all a Merry Christmas and was gone.

I went to my Christmas party and my brother went to bed that night without an argument.
We are all much older now, and while I have no children, all my brothers do. When I see the look of wonderment on a child’s face when they see Santa, I always think of that Christmas. When a young man gave a child a true gift and reminded the rest of us that Santa really is alive and well.

I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday, no matter which one it may be. I hope you all enjoy time with those who are so important to you as you make your own holiday memories.


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