Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving tradition and their favorite memories. This will be the first holiday without my dad. While it has been years since we celebrated together we still talked often. before and after the holiday. That came out to be our new tradition. After the holidays I would call and he would fill me in on the latest gossip from my older brother and his family. He and his wife went there for the holiday. We repeated this at Christmas.

Lots of traditions surround food. My dad always did the holiday meals. We’d wake up to the smell of turkey throughout the house. Dad was an early advocate of low and slow. He’d put the turkey in the oven before he went to bed the night before. Leave the oven on 250 and then turn it up when he woke. The turkey was always delicious. But my favorite part was before he carved the turkey he would peel off a piece of skin for me to eat. My doctor may be screaming if she reads this but it was my favorite part.

Stuffing? Sausage, cornbread or chestnut? Pies? Apple, mince, pumpkin were the favorites growing up.

Then I tasted my mother in-laws black bottom pie, All it is chocolate pudding pie with a chocolate graham cracker crust but she makes at least two every year. It is the one pie there is never any leftovers.

Mine has never come out as good as hers but that’s all right. I’ll wait until we visit them to have her make it.

No matter what your traditions, or your memories. Raise a glass of your favorite libation, alcohol or otherwise and wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I wish it to you, my readers who have read my ramblings here. Thank you.

Tomorrow I have a treat in store for you. I will start having guest bloggers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first is my friend Chris Redding. She is a wonderful writer of Romantic Suspense and someone I have known for years. She always has something interesting to say so check it out.




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