Book, Movie or TV Series

Everyone has a book that they’ve read that they were disappointed when the movie came out. Or a TV series was made.
I found two multi disk dvd’s at the library that were of a TV series we used to watch back in the late 80 early 90’s/ Lovejoy, is an antique dealer with dubious connections and morals, He is played by Ian McShane, before he became known here in the states.  Both my husband and I have enjoyed watching this series.  It was broadcast on BBC1 from 1986 to 1994. When we got a chance to read one of the original books the show was based on we were excited. Written by Jonathan Gash they were well written but didn’t quite have the same feel as the series. Makes me wonder what would happen if we had read them before we watched the series?  Has this happened to you before?  Did it change your opinion or whether or not you continued to watch the series or movie?


4 thoughts on “Book, Movie or TV Series

  1. I’ve decided to consider whatever comes after the book to be fanfiction- this way I’m not disappointed and can enjoy both equally.

  2. It does make sense. I’ll remember that. 🙂

  3. Sandi Rogers says:

    I saw the movie MASH, then read the book, then watched the series. Each was different, Each was good in its own way. Usually I prefer the book to the movie though.

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